The Group is composed of four (4) organizations: Village Exchange International, Village Exchange France, Village Exchange Switzerland, and Village Exchange Ghana.

Village Exchange International (VEI)

VEI is a registered 501(c)3 in the State of New York, USA. Village Exchange International is organized exclusively for charitable purposes in order to promote use of public and private funds for programs in developing countries which support economic independence and small business development opportunities; encourage voluntary efforts among individuals, institutions and corporations in support of these activities; create community based mutual help networks facilitating the exchange of skills to produce saleable goods and basic business skills among participants.

Village Exchange France (VEF) and Village Exchange Switzerland (VES)

VEF and VES have been created in 2006 and 2012, respectively, for the same purposes. All funds whether acquired by gift and contributions are devoted to the above-mentioned purposes in support of activities in developing countries.

Village Exchange Ghana (VEG)

VEG is a registered non-profit organization working in the Volta Region, which operates at the intersection of reproductive, sexual and maternal health, social entrepreneurship and economic opportunities to address the multiple facets of poverty and help women become powerful agents of change.

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