Founded in 2002, Village Exchange Ghana (VEG) is the local implementing partner of the Village Exchange Group. VEG operates in Ho, the capital of the Volta Region in Ghana. Nowadays, VEG favors trainings in technical professions through the Lady Volta Green Tech Academy (LVGTA), a vocational training centre run in cooperation with the partner NGO Social Venture Africa (SVA). VEG and SVA are equal partners in the conception, development and implementation of all LVGTA programs. To advance their broader strategy to foster renewable energies, sustainable development and technical education, VEG cooperates with other partners on educational and renewable energy projects.

Our common vision

Empower the youth, girls and boys, in the Volta Region of Ghana to have equal access to opportunities, services, and rights.

Our mission

VEG and its partner SVA strive to promote the economic empowerment of vulnerable rural youth, mainly women, in the Volta Region of Ghana through a holistic approach of evidence-based programs in education, social development  and social entrepreneurship.

Since its inception, VEG has leveraged the experience of local and international experts and volunteers to provide professional, research-based programs. VEG’s efforts have flourished though the establishment of strategic partnerships with local organizations, traditional leaders, and other NGOs or multinational companies.