Solidarity Program



“Strengthening the Professional Skills of Civil Society Organizations in Ghana”

With the support of the French Embassy in Ghana, VEG and SVAfrica were able to bring solar energy to 11 households without access to electricity in the rural community of Gakukorfe, in the Adaklu district, Volta Region of Ghana.

The project was built in collaboration with the community to ensure the support of local authorities and the population.

The LVGTA students contributed to the solar installation under the supervision of a France Volontaires engineer, also sponsored by the French Embassy in Ghana, who spent 18 months supporting the LVGTA. The local population is regularly trained to maintain the equipment. To enhance the sustainability of the project, VEG offered to form a “Solidarity Group” comprising all the current beneficiaries, with the possibility of extending it to new ones. The group is structured by three elected members, one president, one secretary and one treasurer.

The purpose of the Solidarity Group is to enable VEG/SVA to provide more effective and efficient services to the beneficiaries, to enhance the dissemination of information to each group member through their leaders, but also to promote a team spirit and mutual support in the community.

The members of the group are encouraged to belong to a Solidarity Fund aimed at assisting themselves and help other members of the group or community in case of a temporary hardship.

Each member contributes a small amount of money each month. This fund is kept in the community by the treasurer and can be used as necessary in case of an emergency as well as to pay for the electricity usage. The group decides on the terms and conditions for the repayment of the amount borrowed by a member. The Solidarity Fund could be extended to the whole community.