Village Exchange Ghana (VEG) seeks dedicated volunteers to support its microfinance program. Under the MFP, VEG extends loans to women entrepreneurs, especially young mothers, to help grow their small businesses, build savings, and work toward financial sustainability. VEG is currently expanding the MFP to reach a greater number of women in Ghana’s Volta Region.

Volunteers work with a team of local staff to achieve short and long-term program objectives. A two-four week placement would include activities such as managing the client database, conducting loan assessments and disbursements, collecting baseline demographic data, facilitating business skills training, and designing marketing materials. A longer placement would entail more in-depth involvement and analysis, for example by conducting long-term financial projections, reviewing policies and procedures, and developing new microfinance products.

Additionally, volunteers can participate in a village home stay, where they will spend a night in one of the MFP communities. The opportunity allows volunteers to interact with existing clientele, meet with local chiefs and traditional leaders, and experience Ghanaian food and customs. During the stay, volunteers meet with participating women’s groups to answer their questions, conduct business assessments, screen prospective borrowers, and facilitate business skills training for clients.

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