In May 2007, VEG trained four women in Jewelry production using local beads made out of recycled materials. Since then we have been designing various products mainly targeting the local market.

Currently, VEG wants to expand its production and sales on the local market and, having sampled its production on foreign markets, VEG feels confident it can now expand to meet an international demand for fair trade crafts from developing countries.

The role of the marketing advisor volunteer would be to help VEG:

  • develop a set of professional marketing tools (catalogues, websites, photographs, promotion tools, etc.),
  • set up efficient quality control mechanisms,
  • design general market chain management practices,
  • help the overall marketing of the Lady Volta Beads via external markets, web-based distributors, etc.

The volunteer will work in partnership with VEG staff, and the young women producing the jewelry.