Teenage Pregnancy Awareness Program

Shella & friends from Sammo Guest House in Cape Coast-08-06

My experience here with VEG has truly been marvellous and memorable. For example, the teenage pregnancy awareness program provided materials that will be very useful in comparing the different ways health-oriented NGOs mobilize their constituencies in resource-poor communities. The awareness program also gave me a wonderful opportunity to meet and interact with various members of the Takla Gborgame community. The VEG staff also introduced me to several health organizations (i.e. Street Girls Aid, Strength of Women Foundation and Voluntary Service Overseas) located in the Volta and Greater Accra Regions, all working to socially, politically and economically uplift the status of marginalized groups such as women and the disabled throughout Ghana. The lessons learned from my experience with VEG will be very valuable to me as a future public health worker interested in developing grassroots-based health development programs that target whole communities with a special focus on young women.