Sexual and Reproductive Health

Coming to Ghana with VEG was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Having never been to Africa before everything was amazing to me – the language, the food, the constant music, trotro journeys and the friendly nature of the people. A main reason for choosing VEG was the freedom you are given as a volunteer to work within microfinance or sexual health education or beads & batik. I came aiming to work in microfinance and discovered that I loved the reproductive and sexual health education programs better. I worked with a senior high school on a drama piece focusing on sexual issues, I joined the SRH project officer on her out-of-school youth programs and my favourite, I taught social and fun topics to groups of young teenagers from local schools twice a week.  In addition to this I took Ewe lessons of the local language, joined the weekly microfinance meetings in the communities and I saw what it was like to live and work in a peaceful democratic African country.