Microfinance Volunteer

Coming to Ghana was an eye-opening experience for me. I worked mostly with the microfinance team, engaging with communities. For my university studies (Global College, Long Island University) I undertook many projects. I studied the effects of microfinance on the women we lent to as well as doing numerous home stays with a very welcoming village near Ho. I also ran two small workshops on menstruation and HIV/AIDS for the young women of the village. The unique and memorable opportunity of living in the small remote village gave me a true insight into the lives of rural villagers in Ghana. A perspective I would not have reached if I hadn’t had the opportunity to volunteer with VEG. The life at VEG was incredibly memorable as the women at the house were so welcoming and friendly that I will carry the memories of them with me forever. Working and living in Ho has been wonderful as it is a large rural town and so has the positives of a large city without the negative aspects of tourists and security issues.