Sexual and Reproductive Health

I spent two months over the summer of 2011 at VEG in Ho, and had such an amazing and unforgettable experience. I went both as a volunteer working mainly in the Sexual and Reproductive Health Department, and also was there researching into the notion of ‘gender inequality’ for my University Dissertation in Social Anthropology. In terms of my research everyone was really accommodating and keen to help, I was able to hold a focus group with some of the women who work at VEG (above), which made up some of my best afternoons; these meetings were always full of debates, joking and laughter. I also conducted a few interviews both at VEG and in the neighbouring villages they work with. All those at VEG were helpful and inspiring before, during and after my time there. As a volunteer I was able to become involved in a diverse range of activities, from helping set up a summer camp to raise awareness of sexual and reproductive health and the VEG centre to local teenagers, to accompanying the Microfinance team into nearby villages, to even making some Batik material! As a volunteer it is incredible how integrated you are and how your opinion is always listened to and I learnt so much about the Ghanaian culture and development more generally. The people are friendly, the country is a beautiful place to travel around, and very importantly the food is delicious, especially at the VEG house!