Disabled Student Work Shop

connie and marty

One exceptional student story concerns a boy named Charles. When we first started the sessions, he would not let us get near him. We could not even give him a sticker. He sat in a chair with his legs in a permanently bent position and appeared to have little, if any, use of his arms. Adults familiar to him carried him to activities. As the days progressed, hehesitatingly allowed us to carry him to the activities i.e. art, songs, playing with toys etc. Next, we noticed that once we started hand-over-hand helping him follow the hand gestures to a song, he started doing them all by himself without modeling the movements. Then one day we passed out bubbles to be blown and popped by all. He indicated he wanted to pop the bubbles. Our interpreter stood him on his feet and he steadied himself against her stomach and shuffled around the entire circle. Back at check out with the song, someone got him two sticks and with help he walked to the board and hung up his nametag. The next day we got a walker to school and he walked about 15’ on his own (with help to move the walker over uneven ground). We hear his parents are now taking him to the health clinic!!When I first decided to volunteer and came in contact with Christiane Milev, I had no idea about the big number of opportunities that are available when working with VEG.