Research Project: the Myths and Misconceptions of RSH Issues amongst the Youth

Cherie Carter

Having the opportunity to reflect upon the research project I am incredibly pleased with how the process went. From the development of the research question to the expansion of the focus group schedule I received excellent guidance from VEG staff, and this collaboration helped to create a solid research design. The coordination of the focus groups and interviews went smoothly, and when problems arose VEG staff were quick to find an alternative solution. It was apparent that VEG is highly respected in the community and this facilitated the work, as it was easy to find community members eager to participate in any project conducted by VEG. The Ghanaian research team were very professional, worked long hours, and maintained a high level of quality in all of their work. VEG demanded high standards in all aspects of the research, and this greatly influenced the quality and validity of the outcome. Overall, I was very satisfied.

Additionally, it was lovely to live in the VEG house, and Delali’s cooking was fantastic! She even made separate vegetarian meals for me each day and they were excellent. Additionally, it was a comfortable work environment with a variety of workplace options (ie, the LVRC, the VEG offices, or even an empty bedroom).

All in all a lovely time in Ghana!