DSWVTC Pilot Microcredit Program

Caroline and Delali

My one month experience with VEI proved to be as interesting as it was enjoyable. This young, local NGO is really doing their best at every turn to better the lives of underprivileged women in their surrounding area. They tackle the root of the problem existing in most African societies: the segregation of women, teenage pregnancy and the inevitable lack of education and awareness.

It has been a privilege to see this incredible group of people in action and take part in the microcredit pilot project.The two greatest lessons I shall take with me from this experience are, firstly, development is not about handouts, it must come from a genuine feeling of partnership between both partners; a mutual understanding of what needs to be done now and for the future generations. Secondly, VEI has clearly shown me what an NGO’s mission should include: hard work, sacrifice, dedication and a lot of perseverance. To make a positive change, as big or small as it may be we have to believe and love what we do.

Thank you VEI and may the light shine on you always.