Lady Volta Beads Development / Ho Polytechnic Teacher


When I first decided to volunteer and came in contact with Christiane Milev, I had no idea about the big number of opportunities that are available when working with VEG.

Initially I was supposed to only work as a lecturer at the Ho Polytechnic.  However, the Ho Polytechnic has a very big staff, and clearly does not need any volunteer. So I was assigned only 2 hours lecture per week, which clearly leaves one with a lot of spare time. Fortunately VEG has many running projects, so that I could easily find further work to do. So I started cooperating on the Lady Volta Beads Project, which eventually became the main project for me. This has been a strong experience, both on a personal and professional level. Professionally I was confronted with many issues for the first time, so it was a good challenge. Luckily the project was quite successful from the very beginning, so the motivation was high.

For a short time I also have been volunteering at the Lady Volta Resource Centre, cooperating on an after-school program about sexual and reproductive health for high school students.

Without doubt, working with VEG was a very good experience, where I could learn many things myself too.