Take a look at what past volunteers think of the their time at VEG:

Margaux Goute (France), Teenage Pregnancy Awareness Program, July-August 2004

Mary Manning (Canada), Grace Association Microcredit Program, February 2005

Brian Macdomnhail (Ireland), Teenage Pregnancy Survey, January-May 2005

Genevieve Hutchinson (England), Teenage Pregnancy Survey, February-July 2005

Caroline Carp (Portugal), DSWVTC Pilot Microcredit Program, February-March 2006

Cara Bonewitz (USA), Teenage Pregnancy Awareness Program, June-July 2006

Shella Fon (Cameroon), Teenage Pregnancy Awareness Program, July-August 2006

Virginia Suigo (Italy), Young Mother’s Research Project, August-October 2006

Elizabeth Waight (England), Young Mother’s Research Project, September-November 2006

Katherine Thompson (England), Young Mother’s Research Project, September-November 2006

Cherie Carter (USA), Research into the myths and misconceptions of RSH issues amongst youth, April 2007

Leila Jamal (United Kingdom), Reproductive and Sexual Health, June – July 2007

Andrea Mazzei (Italy), Lady Volta Beads Development/Ho Polytechnic Teacher, May-October 2007

Andrea Mancini (Italy), Youth Group Activity Leader, July-August 2007

Connie and Marty (USA), Disabled Student Workshop, August 2007

Nikki and Dennis (Bulgaria/Germany), Theater Production with Youth, August 2007

Smaro Karakatsanis (USA), Microfinance, March 2008

Jenna Lewis (Australia), Microfinance, February 2009

Alon Wertheimer (USA), Microfinance, April-June 2009

Megan McAllister (Canada), Microfinance, April-June 2009

Robyn Berg (USA), Beads and Batik Project, May 2009

Chayapong “Oat” Naviroj (Thailand), Microfinance, May-June 2009

Kelly Fedak (USA), Microfinance, June 2009

Lindsey Gottschalk (USA), Microfinance, July 2009

Sintha Rajasingham (USA), Microfinance, July 2009

Haein Jeung (Korea), Microfinance, July 2009

David Ruby (USA), Microfinance, August-October 2009

Kelman Li (Hong Kong), Microfinance, August 2009

Hanna Park (USA), Microfinance, October-November 2009

Harriet Swan (United Kingdom), Sexual and Reproductive Health, August 2011

Loren Diesi (USA), Microfinance, September-December 2011

Maeve O’Sullivan (Ireland), Microfinance/Sexual and Reproductive Health, October-December 2011