Handcrafted beads have played an important role in Ghanaian culture for decades.  They are used to adorn the body in traditional ceremonies in early childhood, marking puberty, pregnancy and as a status symbol.  Lady Volta Beads was created to showcase the exquisite beauty and craftsmanship that West Africa has to offer.


Empowering Women

In launching the Lady Volta Beads Project, Village Exchange Ghana hopes to improve the lives of women in poverty, and young mothers in particular. Through providing an innovative combination of income-generating activities, education, and financial services, VEG strives to help the young women achieve financial independence and self-sufficiency.

LV-beads-in-handA Holistic Approach

Village Exchange Ghana volunteers and staff regularly provide training in basic skills such as literacy, numeracy, and business development, as well as life skills such as early child nutrition and development, sexual health, family planning, women’s health, and self esteem.

Implementing Best Practices

The young women are paid a salary and have been registered for the national health insurance scheme. VEG has been able to create a market chain through collaboration with producers of various beads throughout Ghana.

Respecting the Environment

The glass beads produced in Volta Region are made from crushed recycled bottles colored with pigments and baked in a traditional clay oven.  Brass beads are hand made using traditional lost-wax casting processes.  Bauxite is mined in the hills of the Eastern Region of Ghana and hand carved into beads. And traditional terracotta beads are imported from Mali and purchased through the local markets.

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