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Village Exchange International-Ghana works on achieving its mission of poverty alleviation by empowering disadvantaged women in Ghana’s rural areas using a holistic approach, which includes:  sexual and reproductive health education, providing women with income generating opportunities, and working through microfinance.

VEI-Ghana believes that encouraging good and responsible reproductive and sexual health is an important way of promoting the empowerment of women, improving gender relations and ensuring that women have equal educational and professional opportunities.  Our programme aims at improving access to information on reproductive and sexual health issues, as well as providing support and realistic advice to young people.

In launching the Lady Volta Beads and Batik Project and the Lady Volta coffee shop, VEI-Ghana hopes to improve the lives of women in poverty, and teenage mothers in particular. Through providing an innovative combination of income-generating activities, education, and financial services, VEI-Ghana strives to help the young women achieve financial independence and self-sufficiency.

VEI-Ghana provides loans to groups of young women in precarious situations for the creation and the expansion of micro-businesses and its first consideration is to make sure that each loan applicant is granted the right amount needed.  Once client of our organization, the borrower is called “partner” to reflect our concern to give more than just loans.  We aim at securing the position of our partners by offering them a range of services comprising social, financial and technical assistance.  Therefore, we offer not only small loans, but also flexible savings products and training on life skills and reproductive health.

At VEI-Ghana, we aim to build close relationships with our partners, supporting them in all aspects of their lives, by implementing these programmes.

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